Eat Well. Live Well.

Ajinomoto North America is a family of affiliated companies united by a commitment to pioneering the science of wellbeing.

Ajinomoto is the global leader in the manufacturing and supply of amino acids

Our Wellbeing Has Never Mattered More

At Ajinomoto North America, we believe science creates better lives for all. It can improve the taste of plant-based protein and speed up muscle recovery. It can help you recreate your favorite restaurant dishes with convenience and ease. It can introduce life-saving vaccines to the masses.

That’s why Ajinomoto North America is committed to improving North America’s wellbeing through science.

We’re pioneering the science of wellbeing.

110 Years Committed To Taste And Wellness

Saga, Japan | 1943
Over 100 years of research, innovation and high quality products.
Leveraging amino acid technologies and a century of expertise to create value for all.

Ajinomoto has been helping global communities eat and live well since 1908, when Dr. Kikunae Ikeda discovered and isolated the compound that gives food its umami taste.

For the last 110 years, the Ajinomoto Group has harnessed the power of science to improve our wellbeing worldwide through proper nourishment, comfort, and dependability.

Global Impact

Our unique scale and legacy allows us to change lives all over the world.

130 Countries & regions sell our products
34.5k Team members worldwide
110 Years in taste and wellness