Eat Well. Live Well.

Ajinomoto North America is a family of affiliated companies united by a pioneering spirit and commitment to improving the world around us.

Ajinomoto is the global leader in the manufacturing and supply of amino acids
What Drives Us

Through innovations in amino acids, food, bioscience and fine chemical technologies, we create value under our guiding principle of “Eat Well, Live Well.”

Our History

110 years committed to taste and wellness.
Saga, Japan | 1943
Over 100 years of research, innovation and high quality products.
Leveraging amino acid technologies and a century of expertise to create value for all.

Our story began in 1908 when Dr. Kikunae Ikeda discovered the amino acid, glutamic acid, was responsible for the savory flavor (or “umami”) found in many foods.

This discovery led to the founding of Ajinomoto Co. in 1909, paving the way for over a century of research and innovation that has transformed countless industries worldwide.

Today, we continue that legacy—and dedication to human health—through the innovative research, development, manufacture, and sale of amino acid-based products that create better lives for all.

Global Impact

Our unique scale and legacy allows us to change lives all over the world.

130 Countries & regions sell our products
34.5k Team members worldwide
110 Years in taste and wellness